High school teachers


Thank you for your interest in using this free pre-calculus review workshop! This online resource, which includes topics from the grades 9 - 12 Manitoba pre-calculus mathematics curriculum,


The workshop is not designed to replace any aspect of the Grades 9 - 12 mathematics curriculum. The best place for students to learn the math from the grades 9 - 12 pre-calculus math curriculum is in high school with a skilled high school teacher. However, we understand that students sometimes forget important pre-requisite material, which is why this online workshop was created.

The workshop is not reflective of how we teach our courses at the University of Winnipeg. It was primarily created as a review of material that students must quickly master at the beginning of our calculus courses (if they have not already done so). As such, we have not provided many detailed explanations of the concepts discussed in the workshop. The workshop is largely a review "by example".

If you have any questions about the math program at the University of Winnipeg, please contact us at mathstats@uwinnipeg.ca. Note that calculators are not permitted in university calculus classes.